Our mission at Satyam Hospital is to provide quality health services to our community members to relieve suffering and restore health in a swift, safe and humanly manner. To achieve this we rely on:
Experienced Doctors
Get advice from nationally known doctors
Our Doctors are experienced professionals who are devoting their careers to improving the quality of life for people with a wide range diseases. With years of experience combined with continuous education our doctors are able to provide unmatched expertise in providing quality health care to all. They are well recognized by all whom they have served over the years.
Precision Diagnosis
State of art pathology lab
Satyam hospital is equipped with a state of art pathology lab which has a history of providing excellent service to clinicians over the years. Our laboratory is a notable strength of hospital and is well regarded by clinicians throughout the communities we serve. We take pride in providing accurate and timely reports to serve each of our valuable patient in the time of need.

Dedicated Staff Members
Qualified and caring staff members
Our dedicated medical staff respects idiosyncratic need of each and every individual. This helps us provide excellent patient care throughout all stages of treatment. Our para medical staff work closely with consultant and in-house doctors at every step to ensure positive outcome for prescribed treatments.
Humanly fee
Get the best quality for lowest rates
It is our endeavor to provide best possible services within reasonable cost, our charges are humanly and we encourage our patients to ask for a copy of rate list before admission. Our billing staff willingly gives details with respect to charges. We also extend discount/fee waiver on human grounds to the needy.



Dr. Uma Aggarwal – Gynecologist
Dr.Uma Aggarwal is reputed senior consultant Gynecologist, presently serving as Cardiologist of Satyam Hospital.


Dr. A. K. Ratnesh – Pediatrician
Senior Consultant and intensivist, Dr. A.K. Ratnesh brings his years of experience to serve patients in the best possible way.


Dr. Shyam Kishore – Neuro surgeon

Dr. Shyam Kishore is repuded senior consultant neuro surgeon, presently serving as neuro surgeon of Satyam Hospital.

Dr. Anil Kumar – Nephrologist

As a reputed nephrologist Dr. Anil kumar has played vital role in extending quality life to many patients in and around Patna .

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  I work for an MNC at Delhi and my parents live in a suburb near Patna, My father fell unconscious at around 6 pm in the evening. My company provides health cover for my dependents, however i was apprehensive if any hospital would provide hassle free cashless facility in my absence. I contacted Satyam hospital and they assured me of best possible support.

My father was admitted and was discharged in a week. All documents were sent by me within 24 hours and they made liaison with the concerned insurance company and provided hassle free service in the hour of need. I thank Satyam hospital and it’s staff.

-Mr Parvez Alam  Read More Testimonials  

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OUTBREAK OF KALA JAR IN GONPURA PANCHAYAT OF PHULWARI In a Scheduled Cast village Gonpura Pokhra Par of Phulwari Sharif Block, till date more than hundred people have lost their lives due to outbreak of diseases like Kalajar and unexplained swelling in stomach .